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Deep inside the jungles of Africa tall long hardwoods are used to make African ml artifacts that hold energy and showcase the power of the objects created. People have travelled across the globe risking life and limb in their desire to observe and experience the thrill of seeing Supernatural carvers produce Master Pieces. One statue standing erect about 3ft tall and 1ft wide can cost more than a million dollar luxury home. African Art is so visually and emotionally stimulating it can awaken and stir up your feelings with unmatched intensity while penetrating your core. The beauty and power of African Art is a natural aphrodisiac that arouses the sartorial senses. Now, you to can experience the pleasure and love of African Art.

I was a little fearful at first I'm a single woman and had never made a major purchase of an African Artifact. The Chokwe mask is a beautiful addition to my office. I get so many compliments. Thank You! April 2020 / Prairie Village, KS

Valued Client

I'm from California and recently moved to Kansas. African Art is one of my passions since I moved here finding it has been difficult to say the least. I stumbled across your website and have been elated every since I found your site. I recently purchased my first statue from you and couldn't be happier. April 2020 / Leawood, KS 

Valued Client

Since I first went to Africa on a mission trip. I became fond of the sculptured carvings. Buying the Punu Mask from you was a real thrill. It hangs in the family room with my mask collection. I truly appreciate your patience. March 2019 / Overland Park, KS

Valued Client

We met at the Hilliard Gallery in Dec 2019 when you had your Collection on display during First Friday in the Crossroads. I appreciated how you answered all my questions and shared information. I purchased a mask based on your recommendation. To my surprise the mask fits really well with my contemporary furnishings. Thank You for your valuable insight. December 2019 / Mission Hills, KS

The African Sculptures, he said had helped him understand his purpose as a painter, which was not to entertain with decorative images, but to mediate between perceived reality and the creativity of the human mind -- to be freed, or "exorcised" from the fear of the unknown by giving form to it.

Pablo Picasso's thoughts on how African Art transformed him. Picasso is considered one of the world's greatest Artist.

The Kuba Textile

After hanging panels of the Kuba textiles across his studio walls. Of these fabrics, Matisse said" I never tire of looking at them . . . and waiting for something to come to me from the mystery of their distinctive geometry." Henri Matisse

In age, variety and beauty, art from Africa is second to none. Africa had traditions of abstract art, performance art, installation art and conceptual art centuries before the West ever dreamed up the names."

---Holland Cotter, The New York Times

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Affricana Art proprietors have been engaged in collecting, buying, selling, and trading fine African Art for over 10 years. Our extensive contacts and resources allow us to bring you hard to find artifacts. 

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