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A private gallery specializing in African Art. Tribal mask, statues, beads, and textiles. Choose our exclusive African Artifacts and framed Kuba textiles to add beauty with a touch of cultured elegance to your interior decor.

Why Own African Art?

Our hand picked African Artifacts will bring aesthetic  appeal invoking intense emotions in your interior design. Incorporating African Art in your decorating you'll be amazed how well it dazzles and blends with Antique, Contemporary, Mid-Century, and Oriental decor. When you own African Art you experience the essence of transformation like famous French contemporary and modern artists Picasso, Braque, Matisse, and Derain. The influence of African Art helped them create some of the world's greatest masterpieces. African Art is highly collectible throughout the world. Wealthy Art Connoisseurs buy African Art for its beauty and to take advantage of its soaring investment value. You can enjoy easy access to art Luxury Auctioneer Sotheby's says, "If you are looking for an excellent rate of return on your money, invest in African Art. There is a bull market for art work from Africa right now and investing in say, a Dogon fertility statue from Mali or a Dan mask from Liberia is a better bet than investing in Blue Chip stocks!"

The African Sculptures, he said had helped him understand his purpose as a painter, which was not to entertain with decorative images, but to mediate between perceived reality and the creativity of the human mind -- to be freed, or "exorcised" from the fear of the unknown by giving form to it. 

Pablo Picasso's thoughts on how African Art transformed him.

             The Kuba Textile

After hanging panels of the Kuba textiles across his studio walls. Of these fabrics, Matisse said" I never tire of looking at them . . . and waiting for something to come to me from the mystery of their distinctive geometry."                                      Henri Matisse

In age, variety and beauty, art from Africa is second to none. Africa had traditions of abstract art, performance art, installation art and conceptual art centuries before the West ever dreamed up the names."

---Holland Cotter, The New York Times

Here For You

Affricana Art proprietors have been engaged in collecting, buying, selling, and trading fine African Art for over 10 years. Our extensive contacts and resources allow us to bring you hard to find artifacts. We have a limited supply of unique One-Of-A-Kind authentic African Artifacts. Hurry! Order online now to receive your perfect artifacts quickly. For your convenience we offer Fast Free Same Day Delivery on orders received before 4:00 PM within 30 miles of the Gallery. You can safely receive your artifacts same day, worry-free no broken damaged goods, wrong orders, or long waits. Our super fast delivery service has a track-record of success and proven results. Your Money-Back GUARANTEE: If you're not completely satisfied with your artifacts. You have 7 days to return purchases for a full refund as long as you return items in the same condition you received them. It's our honor and pleasure to serve you.


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